New League Of Legends Champion, Kled, Revealed

Kled, a new champion for League of Legends has been revealed. Kled is a top-lane fighter who specializes in skirmishes by trapping enemies and dealing...

New League Of Legends Patch Sees Various Buffs/Nerfs

A new patch for League of Legends has been released. Patch 6.15 is a minor patch in the grand scheme of things, giving various buffs...

No Man’s Sky Won’t Require PlayStation Plus, Also Delayed On PC

No Man's Sky won't require PlayStation Plus to play online, Hello Games recently revealed. "PS Plus won't be a requirement to play online, however you will...

Final Fantasy XV CGI Film Gets Release Date

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15, the film companion to Final Fantasy XV, has received a Western launch date. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 will be released digitally...

Two New Sonic The Hedgehog Games Announced

At Sonic the Hedgehog's 25th Anniversary celebration event, Sega announced that there will release two new Sonic games in 2017. The first game, titled Sonic Project...

LET’S PLAY: I Am Setsuna – Part Two

Josh continues playing I Am Setsuna for an In-Depth review! Part One: http://xo.tv/2016/07/21/lets-play-i-am-setsuna-part-one/

Pewdiepie Solidifys His Dominance With “Brofist” Song

Pewdiepie, the popular gaming Youtuber, has written a book, produced a game and even has an app. Well now he has a catchy pop...

New Overwatch Hero “Ana” Released

Ana, a support sniper, is now available on PC and PlayStation 4 versions of Overwatch. This marks the first time a new hero has been...

LET’S PLAY: I Am Setsuna – Part One

Josh plays I Am Setsuna! Please note: features spoilers for the opening of the game!

Greenmangaming Changes Voucher System

UK-based digital store front Greenmangaming, the website ounce renown for giving out 20% vouchers like they were slices of bread, has changed the voucher...


RECAP & REVIEW: Westworld – S1, E3 – “The Stray”

Westworld is a technologically advanced, Western-themed amusement park populated completely by synthetic androids dubbed "Hosts", who cater to high-paying visitors dubbed "Newcomers", who can do...



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