TRAILER: Hunt For The Wilderpeople


This Friday, September 16, sees the debut of something we rarely see this side of the world – a New Zealand film theatrically released in UK cinemas. The tone and sense of humour beloved by our Antipodean friends doesn’t really seem to travel well but Hunt for the Wilderpeople is that rarest of things, a NZ, bona fide, breakout smash hit, garnering praise, awards and fantastic word of mouth wherever it lands.

Young runaway Ricky (Julian Dennison) is put with a foster family in the middle of the New Zealand countryside. Finding himself happy for the first time, events conspire to put him with another family and he instead decides to go on the run with the gruff Uncle Hec (Sam Neill, delivering a very atypical performance). Need convincing? Writer/director Taika Waititi was also responsible for the sublime What We Do in the Shadows (2014). This looks huge heaps of fun. A review will follow on Friday.