SONG OF THE WEEK: Sonic Generations – Open Your Heart (Remix)


Song of the Week is a weekly feature where we show off the best of video game music. From the sweeping orchestra music of Nobuo Uematsu to the more somber tunes of Yoko Shimomura, prepare to have your ears delighted every week.

You’ve got me started now! As you may know, last week I showcased music from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Well, that begun a downward spiral as I’ve been listening to music from various Sonic games all week! I guess I just forgot how good music from the Sonic games is (I don’t know how as in my youth I owned official Sega CD’s from various Sonic games).

Today’s song is a remix of a piece of music from Sonic Adventure. The remix plays in Sonic Generations, the game which is a homage to all other Sonic games.

The piece in question is called Open Your Heart. It’s actually one of the first pieces of music gamers hear when they boot up Sonic Adventure. Yesterday, when I reflected back on the music and its place in gaming history, I realized that actually it was pretty revolutionary.

Sonic Adventure was the first game most gamers would pop into their Dreamcast, and the song they hear is pretty reflective of the whole Dreamcast experience: youthful, experimental games made with soul and passion.

My god… I miss the Dreamcast.

Anyway… back to the song. It’s a rock song, with singing and all that. Whilst it may be a bit cheesey, it definitely doesn’t lack heart.

You can find out about Crush 40 (the band who made the song as well as many other Sonic songs) by clicking here. You can also visit the band’s Twitter page for Crush40, as well as the lead singer’s (Johnny Gioeli) Twitter page for more updates!