Ana, a support sniper, is now available on PC and PlayStation 4 versions of Overwatch. This marks the first time a new hero has been added to the game since the game’s launch.

Ana is quite different from other supports in the game. She must shoot her teammates to heal them. A very unique mechanic indeed. Ana can also snipe enemies, however her shots do damage-over-time instead of flat damage. Ana also comes equipped with a grenade which can significantly heal allies, as well as de-buff enemies. To round off her basic kit, Ana has the ability to shoot enemies with a sleeping dart. Any enemy she hits will go to sleep for, what I’m estimating is, roughly one-two seconds. It’s quite hard to hit, so it’s only really useful for static enemies (like Bastion). Ana’s ultimate further solidifies her role as support. She can give one of her allies a boost in damage and defense.

We’ll be posting some thoughts on Ana in the coming days! Until then, you can watch this trailer which gives an overview of her abilities: