TRAILER: The Magnificent Seven


We had the teaser some time ago and now here’s the first full trailer for forthcoming western The Magnificent Seven. Antoine Fuqua of Training Day (2001) and The Equalizer (2014) fame (which both also starred Denzel Washington) is responsible for this re-make/imagining/boot/do and it looks…..rather magnificent to say the least.

That’s one hell of a cast and a very basic story; good guys band together to take on a really bad guy. Of course, there’s more to it than that and the 1960 original is, of course, perhaps the most beloved western of all time, spawning careers, a theme tune that will now be on loop in your head and three sequels of decreasing quality and star power.

Alongside Washington, it also stars the currently ubiquitous Chris Pratt as well as other Fuqua favourite, Ethan Hawke. The Magnificent Seven is slated for a September 23 release.