UK-based digital store front Greenmangaming, the website ounce renown for giving out 20% vouchers like they were slices of bread, has changed the voucher system which helped to define the site among its competitors.

Basically it comes down to this: Instead of inputting a 20% off voucher before you buy, all logged in users will automatically be given 20% off on various games.

Now this sounds cool, however I got bit in the butt with this new system. Basically, I was going to buy the I Am Setsuna Collectors Edition (which comes with the soundtrack) from Greenmangaming. Using the voucher it would have cost £30. Without it cost around £38. So, unfortunately, this change came in right before I was about to buy the Collectors edition. Unfortunately under the new system the collectors edition was no longer 20% off. So I ended up having to buy it full price!

It does suck that you can’t choose what you use the voucher on… and I will admit it does somewhat diminish the appeal of the site. But, the new system does enable shoppers to see the reduced on games price there and then. Is this worth it though?

It’ll be interesting to see how the changes effect Greenmangaming long term! For now.. I’ll still visit the site when looking for good deals. ALSO, there is a Summer Sale right on the website right now. Check it out here.