Clearly there are multiple SPOILERS ahead concerning the exploits of Jesse Custer, Cassidy, Quincannon, Tulip and Arseface. Episode 7 Recap and Review can be found here.

In a fierce gun battle, Jesse faces off against Quincannon and the Meat Men to protect his church, while Tulip tries to save a friend. Will Jesse give up Genesis? And is that really Eugene?

A drunk Jesse (Dominic Cooper) in his church, ready and waiting for Quincannon's men
A drunk Jesse (Dominic Cooper) in his church, ready and waiting for Quincannon’s men

Have you been wondering just why Quincannon is such a psychotic, meat-adoring nutjob? Wonder no more. Opening with a flashback of his entire family (save Odin himself, who was “working”) on a ski-trip, we see the cable-car they’re in plummet to the ground. And whatever tour company they’d booked with were nice enough to mail the remains home to Odin. In crates. And when we say remains…..

Lined up in his office, Odin had decided to compare this viscera with that of a slaughtered cow and, as John Custer urges him not to do so, denounce God there and then, for there is no difference to the distraught man. “It’s all meat!” he bellows, as he holds up the intestines of his sister. Well, that would send anyone a bit potty, right? And it’s John Custer’s refusal to denounce God with Odin what has set him on this heathen path for life.

This 'aint your Sunday School preacher. Jesse downs the hard stuff.
This ‘aint your Sunday School preacher; Jesse downs the hard stuff

Back in present-day Annville, we pick up where we left off – with Jesse holed-up in his church as Quincannon’s men attempt to take it, and the land, as per the agreement the boss of QM&P believes he had made. Jesse, despite being smashed on a whole bottle of bourbon, turns out to be a formidable opponent, takes out a whole hoard of armed men and proves to be a sharp shooter as well. How he accomplishes this we’re not entirely sure; does he use Genesis to tell the men to down weapons or just beat the shit out of them? And as if he’s not got enough on his plate, Jesse also bargains with God to bring Eugene back from hell. Which he promptly does from right under the floor of the church.

"You dig out of hell with your hands?!" "it's not that far". Eugene is understandably thirsty after his trip
“You dug out of hell with your hands?!” “it’s not that far”. Eugene is understandably thirsty after his trip

With the arrival of Sheriff Root – keen to be reunited with his missing son – Jesse says he’ll only talk with the ‘agents’, and Fiore and DeBlanc arrive quickly, only too happy to have another attempt at extracting Genesis from Jesse.

Their arrival reveals that Eugene hasn’t really returned but is instead only a figment of Jesse’s guilty mind. This is a shame, and a bit of a bum note for this episode if we’re being honest; there is no Cassidy whatsoever this week and Eugene was shaping up to be it’s driving force. Now he’s revealed as only a hallucination, he ceases to be interesting.

Still, our Brit-accented angels are keen to proceed and manage to remove Genesis without any real drama. So that’s it? Jesse goes back to being a boring, failing, local preacher? Hold on to your horses, for Genesis seems to like where ‘it’ had been and promptly re-enters Jesse, causing Fiore and DeBlanc to simply shrug their shoulders and walk off. Eh?

Odin Quincannon (Jackie Earle Haley), keen to get on with the job of raising the church to the ground
Odin Quincannon (Jackie Earle Haley), keen to get on with the job of raising the church to the ground

As a second assault by Quincannon also fails, a determined Donnie walks to his car and appears to blow his brains out. Not so fast; he was merely making himself deaf from a gunshot and therefore immune to Jesse’s powers, of which he is personally well aware. He gets into the church, overpowers Jesse and delivers him to Odin. And how has Odin managed to ignore the instruction Jesse gave him a couple of episodes back to follow God? Easy, he didn’t. He is, he always has always will continue to follow God. His God. The God of meat. The God he promised to worship the day his entire family was revealed to him as nothing more than meat bags that looked the same as a slaughtered cow after falling from the sky. And you thought you worshipped a nice steak?

Jesse is about to sign over his church and land to Odin when he has a thought, and a final request; give him one more Sunday and he will deliver God to Annville. And if he doesn’t do that, he will denounce the big man upstairs himself, in front of everyone. What’s Jesse’s big plan? Follow it all here at XO.TV.

  • Tulip rescued a dog. Played with the dog. Loved the dog. Fed the dog to an off-screen Cassidy as he recovers from his burning last week…
  • …which was very lame. A Cassidy-free episode of Preacher loses much of its appeal and Tulip also did basically nothing this week.
  • With Eugene also not really there, episode 8 could have been a huge misfire for Preacher. But Odin’s backstory and his plain oddness saved the day.
  • Having the entire town turn up to the battle for the Church seemed perfectly normal with Odin leading the charge.
  • How is Jesse such a good aim? Or is it Genesis lining the shots up? Whichever, “Oh! Here’s your penis” is one of the better lines to come about as a result.
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