Yesterday Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends, released a patch which updated one of the game’s oldest champions: Ryze.

Ryze, who is named after one of the companies CEOs (Brandon Beck), has been in League of Legends since the very beginning. Whilst Ryze has been tweaked, buffed and nerfed throughout the game’s life, today marks the first time in the champion’s history where he’s been significantly updated. Ryze has been given a face-lift in the form of a character model (with new animations), as well as very big changes to his kit.

Whilst Ryze is still a burst mage, something he has been since his inception, his damage scaling has been changed with a focus on combo-ing together his abilities to achieve massive damage (both single-target and Area-of-Effect). His ultimate, which before used to give him a stat boost and AOE damage, has become more team-orientated, with Ryze able to teleport himself and his team a short distance. Phreak, from Riot Games, goes into more detail about the champion below:

For more information about Ryze’s update you can visit the mini-site dedicated to him by clicking here. The patch also saw significant buffs to Leona (which she really didn’t need), and some buffs and nerfs to other champions as well. You can read the patch notes here.