“We’re not bad people. But we did a bad thing”

Bloodline is the Netflix Florida Keys set drama/thriller centering around the Rayburn family. The slow-burning, humid and dense first season was hailed as the normative successor to Breaking Bad and the perfect example in how a story can be most effectively told in a 13 episode, binge-ready format.

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John at the scene of Danny's murder. We think he'd like a do-over
John at the scene of Danny’s murder. We think he’d like a do-over

What is it with you people?” – Marco Diaz to Meg

After last week’s Danny flashback free episode and Bloodline season 2 really finding its feet, we open to a Danny flashback. Hmmm. His restaurant will feature somewhat this week and here he is (or, rather, was) doing a dodgy drug deal whilst Nolan looks on. He needs the cash, quick, and clearly the good run he’d had with a business and a clean life is coming to a close. And Nolan is severely disappointed with his Dad.

Meg and Kevin – neither drunk or drinking and therefore rather boring – are discussing what Ozzy knows about John and the killing at the Red Reef Motel. Maybe they should just pay this creep off? This is troubling, and not for reasons the writers want; it seems completely out of character for either of them to both consider such action and go behind John’s back and smacks of bad plotting. There, we said it. Then again, just look at John; he’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders, poor chap. Maybe it’s best he doesn’t know.

John Rayburn (Kyle Chandler), still with that "Did I just poop my pants" look
John Rayburn (Kyle Chandler), still with that “Did I just poop my pants?” look

The Miami flashbacks serve as a counterpoint to Sally & Nolan’s little road trip through Danny’s life there. Last week we wondered what had happened to Nolan; after being initially introduced as someone up to no good, now we see what a hard and troubling upbringing he had. And a photo of him with Sally’s late husband – he says they only met once but is probably lying – shows there’s still much for us to catch up on with him.

Now sober and determined, Kevin has got his shit together and approaches the investor he failed spectacularly to impress a few episodes back. Then again, he was loaded with booze and coke that time. Desperate for a swift cash injection to stop the bank foreclosing and repossessing his boatyard, he once again proposes a deal but this time he’s fully prepared with accounts and projections. The investor is interested, but only in an outright buy. However, Kevin can’t EVER contemplate selling his boatyard. Ever. We clear on that?

Kevin looking as small and lost as he feels
Kevin looking as small and lost as he feels

Meanwhile John – who despite a full-time job and campaigning to be Sheriff seems to have as much free time as he wants – has been contacted by the ex-wife of incumbent sheriff Aguirre, who has been unable to get in contact with Meg. John knows nothing of the information this woman has imparted to his sister but is quickly brought up to speed. It’s always been clearly shown he’s against using dirt to further his political career, but knowledge of Marco Diaz’s culpability in the cover-up of Aguirre’s domestic abuse, and subsequent promotion, may prove extremely useful indeed very soon.

And why was Meg Rayburn uncontactable? She’s feeling the pressure, that’s why. With Marco proving her alibi for the night of Danny’s murder to be false and Ozzy threatening to derail John’s election campaign, she’s more than happy to take and follow cash donor Roy Gilbert’s advice and pay the sleazeball off. Again, this seems off – and we hope it doesn’t mean the last of Ozzy either – but Meg looks set to crack. Get a drink girl! You’re so much more fun to watch imploding!

Nolan and Eve enjoy a cosy, family dinner chez Rayburn. Not
Nolan and Eve enjoy a cosy, family dinner chez Rayburn. Not

As she learns more about him, Sally is beginning to soften toward Nolan, has the boy and mother Eve over for dinner and even offers them accommodation at Rayburn Inn. That’ll work out well then. Elsewhere, Kev is offered a buyout by our friendly neighbourhood donor Roy Gilbert and is happy to accept. Despite stating he’d NEVER SELL earlier.

Across town, Marco has asked to question John, and on the record at that. Jokes about Kyle Chandler’s ‘helpless’ look aside, the minuscule changes he gives John’s body language and mannerisms here is a masterclass in how to use the camera properly; he’s got his joker up his sleeve but doesn’t show his hand until he has to, and parry’s with our dogged detective equally. Marco knows John’s lying, but is still fishing for the real answers and John knows it. And just when Marco is all out of questions and theories, John lets him know that he has hard evidence of his colleague’s promotion at the behest of Aguirre and that it matches perfectly with him sweeping the boss’s domestic abuse under the carpet. Who blinks first? Follow it all here at XO.TV.

Marco and John, each after the other. Who blinks first?
Marco and John, each after the other. Who blinks first?
  • The office for John’s election campaign seemingly has a staff of one – Meg. Did the Bloodline producers run out of money to hire a few extras? It looks silly.
  • Kev’s flip-flopping about selling the boatyard; if it was meant to show a desperate man, it failed.
  • The Marco/John face-off was wonderfully tense. The pupil has become the master…
  • …until John threatens blackmail. Finally! He’s now ‘breaking bad’ and behaving like a proper politician.


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