Yesterday was the anniversary of Satoru Iwata death. I think I speak for everyone in the video games industry when I say that his death was heartbreaking.

Mr Iwata had been a part of the video games industry since its early beginnings. He contributed heavily to several stables of Nintendo such as Kirby and Pokemon, and he lead the charge for the incredibly successful Wii. He processed deep foresight of the industry, once claiming at GDC 2011 that free mobile games could devalue video games (something which has unfortunately come true among the mainstream masses). He was truly an amazing intellectual, and his contributions to the industry cannot and should not be forgotten.

Rather than go on about the legacy of Mr Iwata, and what a glorious legacy it is, I want to instead show a video of the former President of Nintendo. In the video below Mr Iwata is interviewed on Game Center CX, a Japanese show about video games, and talks about his first game. It’s a fascinating insight into the life of a man who was frequently in the public spotlight, but was very rarely given the opportunity to talk about himself. Have a watch below:

You are missed Satoru Iwata.