Clearly there are multiple SPOILERS ahead concerning the exploits of Jesse Custer, Cassidy, Tulip and Arseface. Episode 6 Recap and Review can be found here.

More of Jesse and Tulip’s history is revealed, Cassidy divulges his vampirism to Jesse and Eugene is missing, presumed in hell. But where the hell is everyone else?

"I saw what you done to him Jesse!"
“I saw what you done to him Jesse!”

After last week’s barnstormer, we’re back to a rather muted Preacher this week. Where’s Eugene? Well, he gone, as commanded by Jesse in a fit of pique at episodes end last week. And guess who watched the whole thing?

As always, Cassidy is still the most watchable thing in Preacher, and this week is a very Cassidy-heavy instalment; a good thing considering not much really happens. We have a lot of flashbacks that promise to flesh out the history of Jesse and Tulip but all we really learn is that she lived, briefly, with him and his Dad (what with her own father being in jail and her uncle a drunk) before Child Protection Services took her away, much to young Jesse’s heartbreak. So much so, in fact, that he prayed for God to kill his father and send him to hell; careful what you wish for young Jesse, eh?

Cassidy, Jesse and Emily
Cassidy, Jesse and Emily

The creepy Quincannon pays the preacher a visit to make good on their deal, namely that if Jesse couldn’t convert him to becoming a full believer, the church and its land would be signed over to the psychotic CEO of QM&P. Quincannon may have come to church and said all the right things straight after, but a full convert he is not. Maybe Jesse’s powers aren’t as powerful as he thinks? Or maybe Quincannon is just plain unreachable; this is a man who listens to a live audio feed of his slaughterhouse for kicks after all. Jesse immediately reneges on the deal leaving Quincannon a very unhappy man indeed; he vows to return, promising “Victory or Death“. Ok then.

Flashback! A young Tulip and Jesse with Jesse's dad, John (Nathan Darrow)
Flashback! A young Tulip and Jesse with Jesse’s dad, John (Nathan Darrow)

Tulip cooks dinner for herself, Jesse, Cassidy and Emily, which proves to be a very tense meal. Cassidy has feelings for Tulip; Tulip wants to keep their assignation secret from Jesse; Jesse is clearly deeply troubled that he’s sent Eugene to hell. Well, you would be, wouldn’t you? The atmosphere is relieved with the appearance of Sheriff Root looking for his son. Jesse denies seeing Eugene, is corrected by Emily – “He was here last night, remember?” – who then promptly lies for him, telling the sheriff she saw Eugene leave. Why? No, we don’t know either. Just as long as the writers don’t ignore this little plot point. The troubled Sheriff goes about his business, and Jesse and Cassidy have it out.

Is it just me or is it hot out here?
Is it just me or is it hot out here?

A vampire with a conscience, Cassidy berates Jesse for what he did to Eugene and where he sent him. We learn more of Arseface as a result; he was once madly in love with Tracy (the girl in a coma who Jesse commanded to “Open her eyes” a couple of episodes back) and was rejected. Heartbroken, he then shot Tracy in the head before himself in the mouth. By Jesse’s reckoning, he belongs in hell. And so Cassidy – who wonderfully describes himself as a “lazy, lying, self-obsessed, drug abusing, cheating fornicator with a filthy mouth” – decides to show Jesse exactly who he is. Will the preacher save HIM from the flames? We don’t find out.

Another flashback reveals that young Jesse, filled with hate at Tulip being taken away, prays to God for this father to be killed and sent to hell. And as we’ve seen before, mysterious men arrive the following night, beat John and shoot him in the head. But not before he makes son Jesse promise to be good, a promise Jesse is clearly trying to use the power of Genesis for now.

Beyond redemption? The creepy Quincannon
Beyond redemption? The creepy Quincannon

As a (finally) remorseful Jesse begins digging through the floor where Eugene vanished (the boy may be a little bit deeper than that mate), Quincannon arrives at the church with a bulldozer and a posse. He wants his land; will he get it? Follow all things Preacher here at XO.TV.

  • Notice the “Stop! Drop! Roll!” fire safety poster outside the principal’s office in the first flashback, a neat nod to Cassidy later.
  • Where’s Fiore and DeBlanc this week? It’s odd for them to simply vanish.
  • Same goes for Donnie Schenck, also MIA.
  • Cassidy’s thoughts on the films of the Coen Brothers are enlightening.
  • Just who killed John Custer? Quincannon? It’s getting frustrating now.
  • Are Jesse’s powers not that strong, or is Quincannon just too far gone morally?
  • Come back Eugene! We miss you!
  • Has Cassidy burned to death? Well, he’s been killed twice already, so we’re guessing not.