I’m roughly halfway through Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (about 25 hours in) and whilst there’s still a long way to go before reaching the end of the game, I’m finding myself addicted to the game’s excellent pacing.

Like a typical RPG, characters gain levels through fighting enemies. Each level increases the character’s stats (such as strength, health etc). Unlike other games, increasing your level doesn’t give you access to new abilities. Instead, players have to “craft” weapons, which then level up when equipped and used in combat. Each level unlocks a new ability, which can be anything from a passive stat increase, to a “Session” (a combo attack), or just a standalone combat ability.

Thanks to the low exp. requirement for each character and weapon level, leveling up in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is very quick. This creates a highly rewarding cycle whereby the player is constantly getting new things to play around with, whilst also building new weapons and getting stronger.

Of course no amount of grinding would be sustainable if the combat was dull and boring. Thankfully the combat in Tokyo Mirage #FE is anything but.

#FE is all about chaining together “Sessions”, by using attacks the enemy is weak to. Enemies, especially in later levels, can hit very hard (and can also use the “Sessions” systems themselves) so things can go wrong very quickly if the player makes the wrong move. This creates a systems which requires constant analysis, as the player is required to think about who to attack, and what with, to ensure a speedy conclusion. But more about that later.

For now, I’m ploughing through the game and having an absolute blast doing so. When I complete it, which will hopefully be by the end of next week, I’ll start working on an in-depth review. Just know that the game is very, very good.