Clearly there are multiple SPOILERS ahead concerning the exploits of Jesse Custer, Cassidy, Tulip and Arseface. Episode 5 Recap and Review can be found here.

Now this is more like it. With a full disclosure on what is inhabiting Jesse, a barnstorming opening and lots of Arseface, Preacher has finally hit its stride.

Fiore and DeBlanc explain Genesis to Jesse
Fiore and DeBlanc explain Genesis to Jesse

Genesis? What? Like the bloody band?!” – Cassidy

No Cassidy, not like the bloody band. Not at all. Ensconced in the quiet diner, Fiore (Tom Brooke) and DeBlanc (Anatol Yusef) explain matter-of-factly what is actually in Jesse; the unholy offspring of an angel and a demon, a “baby” if that’s what he wants to call it, that they call Genesis. And they need it back. Now. But before they can do that, other nefarious forces out for it make an appearance as a middle aged woman in the diner, who Fiore and DeBlanc promptly despatch in the car park with a bullet to the head. Somewhat taken aback, Jesse quickly gets on board when the woman is instantly reincarnated and resumes her attack before following Jesse and the two men from heaven back to the motel.

Fiore and DeBlanc, post demon despatch
Fiore and DeBlanc, post demon despatch

To be fair, Jesse takes the fact that these two gentlemen are straight from heaven and that he is effectively possessed rather well. So much so in fact that by the time the woman turns up at their room to try to kill them all once more, he takes it in his stride. What follows is Preacher’s most barnstorming sequence so far. “Restrain! Don’t kill!” implores Fiore as, each time the woman gets killed a new one appears to take her place, with the small motel room soon becoming very crowded with bodies of the dead, middle-aged woman.

Thank God for Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) then, who arrives just as Jesse is about to meet his maker (that would’ve made for an interesting conversation at least). Gilgun’s vampire is still the best thing by far in Preacher, his scenes bristling with wit and verve. But the show can’t stay with Jesse and him only so it’s across town for Tulip (Ruth Negga) to first threaten Emily (“Stay away from my boyfriend!“), then bond with her. Tulip is still underwritten and underused, unfortunately; she just mopes around Annville popping up here and there. Is it perhaps a result of Emily (Lucy Griffiths), a character not in the comics and possibly the only ‘normal’ Annville resident, being written into the series?

Proof that Fiore and DeBlanc are not on 'official' business
Proof that Fiore and DeBlanc are not on ‘official’ business

Meanwhile, Eugene aka Arseface is having trouble adjusting to a very different way of life – people actually like him. A result of a command from Jesse last week, he is naturally very wary when the cool kids at school sit with him at lunch then invite him along with them after class. But this doesn’t sit well with the good natured boy and it’s not long before he’s back at church asking Jesse to undo what he’s done. But Jesse – who has told Fiore and DeBlanc that there is no way he’s giving up ‘Genesis’ and that he believes it’s God’s will and he is doing God’s bidding – won’t hear of it. As he revels in his power and arrogantly shouts he’s “gonna save the whole god damn town!”, Eugene’s whining makes him snap and then impulsively yell, “Oh go to hell Eugene”. Unsurprisingly, Arseface vanishes. This can’t end well.

  • THAT opening. Wow. Just wow.
  • Cassidy is stealing the show. Every episode. A mix of character, writing and Gilgun’s marvellous delivery. Post-Preacher, Hollywood will be a calling for this British actor, mark our words.
  • Eugene’s response to a simple “Hi” from someone in school  – an instinctive “Sorry” – was heartbreaking.
  • Tulip refers to Jesse as her ‘boyfriend’ and Jesse has a tattoo of a tulip. Awww……
  • Now we – and Jesse – are fully aware of who Fiore and DeBlanc are and where they come from, we only have the mystery of Quincannon to learn. Oh, and Green Acres. And why he killed them last week. And who Tulip really is and what she wants from Jesse. Missed anything?
  • Go to hell Eugene! Careful what you say Jesse!