“We’re not bad people. But we did a bad thing”

Bloodline is the Netflix Florida Keys set drama/thriller centering around the Rayburn family. The slow-burning, humid and dense first season was hailed as the normative successor to Breaking Bad and the perfect example in how a story can be most effectively told in a 13 episode, binge-ready format.

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Ozzy tends to his wounds after being beaten by John
Ozzy tends to his wounds after being beaten by John

Sheriff Aguirre keeps digging, Meg sinks low in an attempt to distract Marco and John’s house of cards comes tumbling down; will he lose everything most dear to him as a result of Danny’s death?

We’re not the people you think we are” – Meg to Marco.

Six episodes in, with only four to go, and we finally get a whole hour without any flashbacks of Danny. Sure, he looms large – as well he might – but Bloodline season 2 has finally found it’s confidence, just as John’s marriage begins to implode.

Diana is furious that Sally hit her daughter
Diana is furious that Sally hit her daughter

John is washing Ozzy’s blood from his knuckles at the same time Ozzy is trying to spin Eve a yarn that he was beaten up by a redneck, but Eve’s not that stupid. As Kevin attends another mandatory AA meeting – and utters the words “I’m an alcoholic” for the very first time – Meg is researching both the timeline of the covered-up domestic abuse of Aguirre’s wife and Marco’s promotion, finding a perfect match. What’s a girl to do with that information?

Well, ideally something quick for Aguirre is putting the pressure on the dogged detective to keep digging around the Rayburns and re-question them about the day of Danny’s death. Kevin is naturally nervous to hell about this but his new sobriety and acceptance of his alcoholism seems to give him strength, despite Marco’s needling questions.

The Rayburn siblings and plot the election campaign, amongst other things
The Rayburn siblings and plot the election campaign, amongst other things

As Marco reflects on this and makes plans to bring in ex-girlfriend Meg for the same treatment, John’s wife Diana is finally putting two and two together; her husband’s lies, why he sent his family away the night Danny was killed, his insistence on running for Sheriff at such a terrible time and his recent secretive behaviour all lead her to the inevitable, awful conclusion. Are all the Rayburns about to be rumbled? Not if Meg has anything to do with it. As campaign manager she’s seemingly found her natural calling, batting away Marco’s questioning with nerve and guile. Besides, she has an ace up her sleeve any time she wants it, for it’s obvious Marco is still carrying a torch for her.

Later she will pay Marco a visit, turn on the waterworks and tell him how bad her her childhood really was before sleeping with him. She’s like a spider wrapping a fly in her silk for later consumption but it’s hard to feel sorry for the detective. Maybe he’ll get save his true love from Ozzy, who is now stalking Meg instead of John. And as he has a gun procured from O’Bannon, this ‘aint gonna end well.

Kev's in AA and Meg seems sober also. Are the Rayburn's getting on a fighting foot?
Kev’s in AA and Meg seems sober also. Are the Rayburn’s getting on a fighting foot?

Diana confronts her husband, but begs him not to admit directly to her what he did. But nor can he deny it either, and the full realisation that he murdered his brother hits Diana like a train. Devastated, all she can think of is keeping her family, or what will remain of it, safe and she makes John promise to tell her if they’re ever not. But with Ozzy on the prowl with a firearm and out for revenge, what assurances can John really give? And how long before Aguirre and Marco also put it all together? Follow it all here at XO.TV.

  • John’s hatred of using Aguirre’s personal life against him in the campaign is meant to show he’s still a good guy at heart, but it shows him up for being naive and a hopeless political candidate in real life. Meg’s a natural however.
  • There’s barely any sign of Nolan this episode; a shame, as he was originally positioned as a much bigger cog in the machine.
  • Who’s worse, Marco or Meg? Who cares? It’s the Florida Keys – sex should be part and parcel of any subterfuge!
  • Ozzy has ‘Hollywood’ scars; a severe beating from John results in one red mark on his cheek.
  • That last image of John’s face; supreme acting skills or Kyle Chandler wondering if he’s followed through? We’re still undecided.  Bloodline 2.7 5