“We’re not bad people. But we did a bad thing”

Bloodline is the Netflix Florida Keys set drama/thriller centering around the Rayburn family. The slow-burning, humid and dense first season was hailed as the normative successor to Breaking Bad and the perfect example in how a story can be most effectively told in a 13 episode, binge-ready format.

Head here for the Recap & Review for Episode 5.

Ozzy continues to make lots of trouble for John in the Florida Keys
Ozzy continues to make lots of trouble for John in the Florida Keys

John’s having nightmares, Ozzy and Eve launch a two-pronged war of attrition on the Rayburns and impending fatherhood causes Kevin to find solace in the bottle before taking the first step toward potential sobriety.

“How come we never knew about you or Nolan?” Janey Rayburn to Eve

John’s daughter asks Eve the question that’s been on our minds since season 2 began, a smart little piece of scriptwriting that nixes the question dead. Families have secrets. All of them. Including incumbent Sheriff Aguirre, whom Meg has got some dirt on care of potential large donor Roy Gilbert. She tracks down Aguirre’s ex-wife and a juicy tale of hushed-up domestic abuse rears its ugly head.

John – who seemingly can spend as much time away from police headquarters as well as his political campaign as he wants – visits O’Bannon and tries to pressure Danny’s old partner in crime to reveal who and where Ozzy is, promising to get Marco off his back in return. O’Bannon plays dumb but visits the oily troublemaker soon after, a meeting that ends with Ozzy casually threatening his life.

Kev liked the clichéd hiding places for his secret alcohol
Kev liked the clichéd hiding places for his secret alcohol

Kev’s very much back on the drink this episode and is also one step closer to the bank foreclosing him on the boatyard. The future prospect of becoming a father weighs heavy on the man who actually gets buoyed by a story about him learning to ride a bike all by himself as a kid. Elsewhere, Ozzy and Eve work on John’s wife and daughter respectively, inveigling their way into their lives, Eve with Janey especially. John’s daughter quickly turns into a fount of knowledge – as teenagers are wont to do – regarding Nolan and Danny and her resentment soon begins to seethe. It’s nice to have the Rayburn kids have some screen time here; they’ve been nothing but decoration all this time. Ozzy either makes a mistake or – far more likely – leaves his fingerprints on a tyre iron purposefully after ‘helping’ to change Diana’s wheel after she mysteriously got a flat; wonder how that happened? John finally finds out who Ozzy is, and his past with Danny, and confronts him in a restroom, warning him to stay away. “I don’t give a fuck what you want” are his parting words.

The pursed lips of John Rayburn; see these and you know you're in trouble
The pursed lips of John Rayburn; see these and you know you’re in trouble

Meg leaks the dirt she’s found on Aguirre to the local news, causing Gilbert to make good on his promise of a large donation to John’s campaign. With Aguirre badgering Marco to keep investigating the Red Reef Inn killing, this couldn’t be better news for John. Or could it? Meg receives a call from Aguirre’s ex at the weekly Rayburn family dinner – always a cause for conflict – and goes to see her. Kev excitedly announces he’s to become a father to a boy at which point Janey Rayburn ruins the whole evening, trashing her grandmother Sally for her treatment of Eve and Nolan in front of everyone and receiving a hard slap to the face from the eldest Rayburn in return.

Granddaughter Janey practices her own pursed lips with Grandmother Sally
Granddaughter Janey practices her own pursed lips with Grandmother Sally

This could have wide repercussions. Diana deplores what Sally has done and the act causes Kevin to look deep at his family, and himself. Believing he’s destined to mess up his own son’s life, just as his was, he heads to a fellow AA member. Which is just about the most sensible thing he’s ever done.

Meg meets with Aguirre’s ex and finds out why the police report concerning her domestic violence 911 call and report is missing. It was buried by the officer in charge that night, an officer then quickly promoted by Aguirre. His name? Marco Diaz. Across town, John is at the Red Reef Inn once more, lured there by Ozzy who’d left a ‘Reef matchbook in John’s kitchen with the words “Ask me what I want” written inside. But John’s not there to talk and instead to proceeds to beat the shit out of his would-be blackmailer.

  • We don’t want to but we’re starting to feel sorry for O’Bannon. Everyone’s using him for their own gain but the lumbering idiot is clueless.
  • Nolan is now just a sulky, grouchy teen. Where is he living? What’s his plan? Does he actually have one? We’ll be disappointed if not.
  • Meg didn’t drink anything this episode and actually seems competent running the Rayburn campaign.
  • As season 2 progresses, it’s increasingly hard to like any of the Rayburns, including John. Can’t he save a fluffy kitten stuck up a tree or something?
  • We’re getting a distinct Cape Fear/Max Cady vibe about Ozzy. Is someone watching, recording, John beat him half to death?
80 %
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