Clearly there are multiple SPOILERS ahead concerning the exploits of Jesse Custer, Cassidy, Tulip and Arseface. Episode 4 Recap and Review can be found here

Jesse’s loving and making full use of his powers in this instalment and Cassidy and Tulip become a (sort of) item. With plenty of Arseface and Quincannon, plus another appearance from the old world cowboy, there’s plenty going on in Preacher even if the plot barely moves forward.

How Arseface got his unique looks is still only hinted at
How Arseface got his unique looks is still only hinted at

Episode 2 (“See”), if you remember, opened in the Old West, with a tired and haggard gunslinger setting out to procure medicine for his sick wife and child. Who he? We still don’t know, but his story continues before the titles as he arrives in Ratwater, gets the cure and rides out, before swiftly turning around to try to save a family from the evil he knows lurks there, including the town’s preacher. Bad move. He gets beaten, loses his horse and has to walk home, by which time his family are dead. Strapping on his shooters, he heads out. And we’re still none the wiser as to who, or what, he is.

Back in the present day, Eugene aka Arseface is having people trouble, specifically someone sneaking into his house and graffitiing “Finish the job” across his bedroom walls, a reference to his failed suicide bid. He needs some help and there’s guy in the town’s coffee shop who is full of confidence and conviction that he’s that man. For everybody.

"I have a gift. How could I lose?" Jesse suffers the sin of (excessive) pride
“I have a gift. How could I lose?” Jesse suffers the sin of (excessive) pride

Fresh from converting Quincannon to follow the lord with a simple instruction, Jesse has installed himself amongst his people over breakfast and is busy doling out missives and changing lives. As we saw in the pilot episode, he’ll need to be careful with how he phrases things – the weak are minded to take things literally. Tulip is still desperate to get him back into his old life and take revenge on the mysterious Carlos and makes another attempt at the coffee house, with little success; Jesse is somewhat smitten with his abilities and has clear designs on staying in Annville and building up the church. But Tulip may have another accomplice; Cassidy has fallen for her hard and she’s not fazed one bit that he’s a  vampire.

You're a vampire? Huh. Ok
So you’re a vampire? Huh. Ok

Elsewhere in Annville, there are others interested in Jesse and his power. Fiore and Deblanc are deliberating on how best to answer the phone that’s been ringing since the end of last episode; not the motel phone, but their personal phone that connects to heaven. So long do they spend choosing the right words and tone that by the time they’re about to pick up, it stops. Realising the trouble they’re in should they not get back the force within Jesse, they get Sheriff Root to take them direct to the Preacher who’s still in the coffee house. Short and to the point, they calmly inform him they’re from heaven and he is not possessed by God but rather an immense power that could be very dangerous. So there.

How dangerous? Just ask Quincannon, now eager to meet with the management of Green Acres, the rival company he literally pissed all over last week. He’s pleasance personified, eager to do business and be liked. Until he calmly pulls a shotgun and kills them all. Is this his literal interpretation of Jesse’s instruction to ‘follow God’? And what else has Jesse told the good people of Annville to do throughout the day? And what consequences will follow? Follow it all here at XO.

  • Donnie is back this week and is the first to be putting two and two together regarding Jesse and his power.
  • Tulip’s questioning of Cassidy and his vampirism is wonderful; Bats, crucifixes, coffins, blood, sun? No, no, no, a little, yes. And that’s that!
  • Having Fiore and Deblanc confront Jesse was a bit of a shock. What will he do with the information they have provided?
  • The visuals, sound and editing are still utterly top notch…
  • …but still not a lot has happended. And we’re halfway through the first season now. What gives?