“We’re not bad people. But we did a bad thing”

Bloodline is the Netflix Florida Keys set drama/thriller centering around the Rayburn family. The slow-burning, humid and dense first season was hailed as the normative successor to Breaking Bad and the perfect example in how a story can be most effectively told in a 13 episode, binge-ready format.

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Eve and Ozzy. Probably safe to assume these two know each other then
Eve and Ozzy. Probably safe to assume these two know each other then

“I bet if you start pressing John Rayburn all sort of shit’s gonna start spilling out” – Ozzy

A little bit of brutal honesty; Bloodline has, in places, been a trifle dull here and there. Despite the fantastic location, great dialogue and standout performances, season 2 has suffered from a wishy-washy plot and hook – will some or all of the Rayburns get rumbled? – with some dire need of levity. So here comes some nudity (a Bloodline rarity; there’s little to no sex, despite the sultry atmosphere) courtesy of Eve (Nolan’s mother) and Ozzy, who are clearly in the Keys together and after the same thing. Better yet, both Kevin and Meg are back on the bottle which may not be good for them but is excellent news for the viewer; it can only lead to mistakes and mayhem.

Danny in happier times at his Miami restaurant
Danny in happier times at his Miami restaurant

We open with Danny, still sorely missed despite the increasing frequency of his flashbacks. He had it good in Miami, and his growing relationship with Nolan is rather sweet. But Danny was Danny and here comes a heavy to threaten him about cash, or drugs, or both. Meanwhile, a very naked Eve and Ozzy are slagging off the Rayburns and the fact Eve’s payments will not be continuing with matriarch Sally. Don’t they make a cute couple? Meanwhile, Meg has managed to get Kevin a sweet deal on his DUI and drug charges; no jail but probation and a fine instead with mandatory visits to a rehabilitation program. Unsurprisingly, he does not like it.

Kev gets driven back from his first substance-abuse meeting. And doesn't he look happy?
Kev gets driven back from his first substance-abuse meeting. And doesn’t he look happy?

As Sally starts to show the signs of age and stress with a mysterious and most probably imaginary problem guest at Rayburn House, John continues his run for Sheriff. This is the most infuriating story thread with Bloodline‘s second season; logic would dictate that John keep his head down, not stand directly on the parapet in full view of everyone, and his reasoning that he can only control things by being in charge holds only a little water. Especially with officers such as the still-dogged Marco determined to find out what really happened to Danny; he pulls in O’Bannon for questioning and plants a seed of doubt as to Danny’s murder in his mind in the process. So as incumbent Sheriff Aguirre (David Zayas) keeps the case open to score political points off the elder Rayburn, and Marco continues to sniff around, the pressure mounts on John. So much so that he thinks it a good idea to eschew a real, proper, professional and likely sober campaign chief and appoint Meg – who does need a job, let’s be fair – instead. What could possibly go wrong?

A bit of class in the Keys; Beau Bridges as influential businessman Roy Gilbert
A bit of class in the Keys; Beau Bridges as influential businessman Roy Gilbert

The brother and sister try to get the backing of local mover and shaker Roy Gilbert; his endorsement would give an immediate 10% bump to John’s campaign, support he desperately needs. Gilbert is unsure but sees that Meg may be willing to play the dirty game he knows John will have to participate in to win. Over at the floundering boatyard Kevin gives a job to Nolan – who seemingly hangs around and pops up here and there when the plot needs it – and ends up inviting him to dinner on wife Belle’s insistence. And he’s drinking again, downing neat tequila on the sly during the day. Hopefully Nolan won’t catch him Too late!! Like brother, like sister, Meg is also back on the booze after Marco visits with yet more needling Danny questions. Getting fully on board John’s logic, she meets secretly with Gilbert and takes delivery of some incriminating dirt on Sheriff Aguirre.

  • We need more Ozzy. John Leguizamo is wasted at the moment. We’ll even have him buck naked for every scene if that’s what it takes.
  • It’s good to see the boozy brother and sister Kev and Meg back on the sauce. They’re both too sensible without it.
  • It was a small scene but O’Bannon has very much been set on the road of doubt by Marco. His recollection of his last meeting with Danny reminds him that his friend was off to see brother John.
  • Is Nolan good or bad? Where is he living? How has he not met Kevin before now? Such a pivotal character is not that well written.
  • With all this stress, including now being needled by Ozzy, John should really lose it soon. No one is that composed.