Instead of running through genres and nominating a game for each one, we at XO.TV have decided to instead show off our five favorite games from E3 2016, with our most-loved being Game of the Show. Let’s jump in:

5. Resident Evil VII

Gamers love to be surprised and Resident Evil VII did just that. The game is completely different from anything we’ve ever seen in the Resident Evil series.

For one, the game is in first-person (whereas the series has always been in the third-person perspective). Instead of being character-based, and having a B-movie vibe, Resident Evil VII is significantly more serious and incredibly scary.

Whilst I still have my reservations about the game, and just how Resident Evil it will be, I do have to applaud Capcom for at least trying to do something new and take the series to places it has never been before.
4. We Happy Few

Whilst we already knew a lot about the We Happy Few going into E3 it continues to impress and intrigue.

What makes We Happy Few a cut above the rest is how different the gameplay is. It’s a true survival game, requiring constant resource management and active wits. It’s these elements which separate the game from any and all competitors.

What makes We Happy Few so special is the way the game embraces the indie spirit. This isn’t a developer backed-up by big publisher money but rather funded through other means, which has meant the developers have constantly been required to think creatively when it comes to overcoming development obstacles. This ingenuity shows throughout every aspect of the game.
3. For Honor

My hype for For Honor is summed up by its Director, Jason VandenBerghe. Jason is brimming with enthusiasm about his game, and it rubs off on anyone who comes into contact with him. There’s so much attention to detail in the gameplay and there seems to be a true passion for ensuring the game achieves it goal of showcasing the empowerment of war.

I’ve heard plenty of positive things about the game’s multiplayer aspect, however its single-player campaign has an incredibly interesting story which appears to really delve into the mind of a warrior. This is a world in which the cycle of fighting never ends, where death isn’t scared – it’s an every day occurrence. I really can’t wait to play the game when it releases.

You’ve got me Jason VandenBerghe. You’ve got me.
2. God of War (2016)

I’ve never been a fan of God of War. I always found the game way too violent, and the lead character was so far removed from humanity that there was nothing at all to connect to. I appreciate that is the point of Kratos… however the dull, button-bashing gameplay didn’t help.

The new God of War shown on Sony’s E3 stage couldn’t be further removed from that old corpse.

Kratos has a son (!) who he teaches stuff to (!!), however the Gods of Norse mythology aren’t happy with him moving away from Olympus (!!!)… there’s just so much mystery and intrigue! Not only that, but the game features a new cinematic camera angle which adds an element of tension to the standard, button-bashing proceedings.

For once, I couldn’t be more excited for a new God of War game!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Without a shadow of a doubt, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is XOTV’s E3 2016 Game of the Show.

When Nintendo revealed that the only game they would show off at E3 would be Zelda Wii U, everyone (including myself) immediately felt demoralized. Why would Nintendo do this? What’s the reason? Why is there no NX? These are but a splatter of some of the questions asked. And then Nintendo showed off the game and EVERYONE looked like an idiot… I know I certainly felt like one.

Never denounce Nintendo… for it will always come back and bite you in the ass. I’ve learnt that lesson so many times, and yet I always forget it.

If it wasn’t obvious from my preview for the game, Zelda Wii U is surprising in that despite it taking from so many other games, it retains a level of uniqueness not frequently seen in the industry.

The thing that sets Zelda apart is its scale. Not in a geographical sense, but rather in a minute-to-minute sense. There’s so many interactions available with the world, that it’s simply mind-blowing. This isn’t just a sandbox, it’s a world… ever reacting to the player.

I have no doubt that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will continue to impress, as there is still so much mystery left, and that the game will continue to be sought-after by gamers in the months ahead.

Nintendo knows its games inside out and this E3 proved that.