Thanks to a post on the PlayStation blogPersona 5 now has an American release date of February 14th 2017.

Here’s the official cover art, too

Persona 5 launches September 15th 2016 in Japan, whilst Europe still lacks a release date. Persona games have a history of launching in Europe several months after the American release, so European players can probably expect to have the game around Q3 2017. For European players aching to play the game as soon as possible, PS4 games are region free, so you can import copies from other countries via Amazon at an extra cost. You could also open a US PSN account and buy the game in February at its original cost.

Persona is a JRPG wherein a handful of high-school students develop ‘Persona Powers’, the ability to conjure manifestations of their psyche. Together, they become the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, and use their powers to battle supernatural foes in the name of vigilante justice. The gameplay is a mix between standard JRPG gameplay and social simulation, and will be exclusive to PS3 and PS4.

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