SONG OF THE WEEK: The Legend of Zelda – 25th Anniversary Medley


Song of the Week is a weekly feature where we show off the best of video game music. From the sweeping orchestra music of Nobuo Uematsu to the more somber tunes of Yoko Shimomura, prepare to have your ears delighted every week.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U… next week, we will finally see you.

Announced in January 2013, The Legend of Zelda Wii U has been a long time coming. Originally intended to release in 2015, then slipping to 2016… and now set to release in 2017 (to coincide with the NX’s launch), waiting for Zelda Wii U to release has been an exercise in disappointment. But hey, at least we’re going to finally get a sneak peak at the game next week!

What better way to get hyped for Zelda Wii U then to listen to the 25th Anniversary Medley. This song perfectly encapsulates the Epic nature of The Legend of Zelda franchise.

In my opinion the reason why The Legend of Zelda is so close to gamers hearts is because the series constantly pushes itself to be better and aspires to be grander than the sum of its parts. When I look over Zelda games over the past years, I see nothing but innovation and excellence.

So sit back, relax and let the hype for Zelda Wii U consume you.