A new trailer has unveiled the names of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s legendaries.

First off is Solgaleo, Pokemon Sun‘s exclusive legendary. He closely resembles the features of a lion, with a massive star-shaped mane and a colours similar to Arceus. Solgaleo’s attacks are mostly steel and psychic, including Sunsteel Strike, a dash move that’s able to one-hit a Salamence of the same level. Ouch.

Secondly is Pokemon Moon’s exclusive legendary, Lunala. This one’s a darker, more evil looking bat with massive celestial wings, red eyes and horns. Lunala uses ghost and psychic attacks, such as the extremely powerful Moongeist beam.

That’s all the known knowledge about the legendaries, but there’s one other big piece of Pokemon Sun and Moon news – the Pokedex is now sentient. Thanks to the benefits of modern science in Alola, you can now merge a Rodot and an empty Pokedex to create a living, talking Pokedex. It’s not entirely sure what effect this will have on the gameplay, but it’s an abstract concept at the very least.

You’ll hear lots more about Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun at Nintendo’s E3 booth this year. Check out the new trailer here: