“We’re not bad people. But we did a bad thing”

Bloodline is the Netflix Florida Keys set drama/thriller centering around the Rayburn family. The slow-burning, humid and dense first season was hailed as the normative successor to Breaking Bad and the perfect example in how a story can be most effectively told in a 13 episode, binge-ready format.

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Ozzy Delvecchio (John Leguizamo). A man from Danny's past firmly in the Rayburn's present
Ozzy Delvecchio (John Leguizamo). A man from Danny’s past firmly in the Rayburn’s present

“Sometimes there isn’t any light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes there’s more darkness”

In episode 3 of the sixth season of The Walking Dead, Glenn died. Except he didn’t. A curveball thrown by the writers, it was a sleight of hand meant to inject some excitement and “Is he? Isn’t he?” tension into the show that failed so spectacularly the producers and star saw fit to apologise. So when it appears that Kevin may be shot dead in only episode 3 of this second season of Bloodline, you could be forgiven for rolling your eyes and (rightly) thinking, “Yeah, right”.

Thankfully the conceit is only kept for ten minutes, for it’s Kevin and his utter stupidity and total strung-outness that’s one of the driving forces at play on Bloodline‘s second season. His second drug deal has gone well but, dumb coke-head that he is, he doesn’t realise that a quick chance meeting with couple of cops he knows in full view of his buyers would make them understandably skittish. So said buyers quickly come looking for him, armed with a taser and a gun. It looks like Kev’s time is up, a body matching his description is quickly found after but we’re thankfully not left in the dark too long. Kevin, what have you done?

Kevin's coke buyer. Now very much dead, and tortured to boot. But who killed him?
Kevin’s coke buyer. Now very much dead, and tortured to boot. But who killed him?

Kevin holes up in a hotel room, guarded/kept company by equally fraught sister Meg whilst John goes into full cop mode managing to track down Danny’s old partner in crime Eric O’Bannon. But before all this, Danny makes another flashback appearance, up to no good robbing a drug store. Here we meet the decidedly shady, wonderfully named Ozzy Delvecchio (the wonderful John Leguizamo), a man who crops up later on a visit to the Keys who also tracks down Eric. Ozzy is most definitely very bad news for the Raburns. Good. We need someone other than Kevin and dogged cop Marco stirring things up, especially with John getting an upper hand on Lowry, using Eric as collateral.

Flashback Danny dons the age-old robber disguise
Flashback Danny dons the age-old robber disguise

Lowry laughs as John puts a deal to him – turn informer, go to jail, be out in 10. John knows he’s got him over a barrel but surely Lowry should be wondering why John doesn’t seem all that interested in nailing him for Danny’s murder? If only he knew. As John seemingly works all day on police time without anyone questioning it, Sally is meeting with his wife Belle and putting cats amongst pigeons. Why didn’t John tell anyone about his and Kevin’s second trip to Danny’s apartment? Belle counsels the head of the Rayburn family to trust her son. And why shouldn’t she?

Because ex-detective and now longtime Rayburn Hotel guest Lenny has found he can’t be trusted – from none other than Nolan himself. Danny’s son, who also spends time with Eric this episode telling him no one is saying anything, has history with the wiry old timer. It turns out Lenny was the one who found Nolan, and Nolan who witnessed John and Kevin’s second visit to his Dad’s Miami hovel. With suitcases. Suitcases we know contained the cocaine Danny had been hiding at the hotel (but not all of it eh Kevin?).

Kevin Rayburn - drug dealer, coke head, murderer?
Kevin Rayburn – Drug dealer. Coke head. Murderer?

John receives news that Lowry’s lawyer has been in touch and offered a deal – he’ll turn everyone in for an agreed sentence, out in 10, but won’t cop for Danny’s murder. John’s ecstatic, as well he might be, but can’t show it. It all looks like it could go according to plan, at least the latest plan. All that could possibly go wrong is for someone to take the remaining coke, a gun and go try to sort it all out on his lonesome. But who would be stupid enough to do that? Thanks Kevin. We knew we could rely on you.

  • It’s thoroughly implied though never stated that Kevin somehow managed to turn the table and kill his coke buyer. But until it’s confirmed we’ll add it to the pile of questions.
  • So Lenny has known Nolan all along. Why then did it take so long for grandson to meet grandmother? How long exactly has Lenny been digging around?
  • Nolan isn’t doing much at the moment but with him tracking down Danny’s ex and Eric’s sister Chelsea, and the surprise meeting with his presumed-estranged mother, there’s clearly plenty of secrets to be found out.
  • We’re loving the low-fi way Danny left incriminating evidence against his brother for Lowry. A cassette tape? But why doesn’t John think that Lowry has made a copy?
  • John’s face as Lowry’s offer is divulged is a picture; utter joy, quickly hidden. Kyle Chandler’s acting is sublime this season.
  • Meg’s still back. Just get her sacked quickly so she can stay and we can leave all the New York nonsense alone now please.