Since Project M was suddenly terminated for unknown reasons (most likely legal intervention from Nintendo/Konami), its development as a product has stagnated. After six months, a torrent of new information has been leaked by an alleged ex-member of PMDT, meaning that fans could make the unfinished content a reality.

The leaks were posted on 4chan, but have been aggregated nicely on the Project M Community Edition subreddit here.


For a brief overview of what the leaked content entails without wading through millions of data files, it essentially contains the following:

  • Ness ‘Bee’ Skin
  • Knuckles and Lyn Characters
  • Pig Ganon Alt
  • Pichu files
  • Two announcers (including D1, a legendary Smash Bros commentator)
  • Concept art for the leaked characters, as well as a new FD and Marth skin
  • Bowser with fireball projectile akin to SMB1
  • Potentially custom maps

Project M will never regain the momentum it once had with PMDT behind the wheel, but hopefully we’ll see more developments with this data in spite of the legal trouble.

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