Lupe Fiasco, who you might recognise as the artist behind Superstar, will be entering the Smash Bros and Pokken Tournament competitive scenes.

It’s currently unknown what capacity Lupe will be competing in, although we can make some educated guesses. The above tweet was in response to a fan asking if he would be at ‘E3’, so it’s possible that Lupe might be confusing E3 with EVO. After all, he did say he was considering showing up to EVO just recently. We don’t know which Smash Bros game he’s interested in, but it’s a pretty safe bet to say Fiasco is interested in Melee.


This isn’t Lupe Fiasco’s first venture into Smash Bros – earlier this year, he contacted Melee veterans Chillindude and Hungrybox for advice after seeing them in the Smash Brothers documentary.



It looks like Lupe Fiasco is set to be the first celebrity in the Smash Bros Pokken scenes. Hopefully it’ll inspire more growth for the communities!