It’s been an interesting week for video games. Overwatch released, Microsoft’s Xbox plans have allegedly leaked…

Let’s get right into it, shall we?



The latest big game from Blizzard came out on Tuesday, and it is doing exceptionally well. Sales figures are absent at the moment, but it currently holds a 93/100 on Metacritic. Like pretty much every other Blizzard game, I can only expect it to shift a whole lot of units. Joshua is currently hard at work on a review, so you can expect to hear more about the game on XO.TV.

Two New Xbox Ones?

XboxOne_Microsoft.PNGMicrosoft are allegedly planning to release not one, but two new Xbox One models. One’s coming out this year and will essentially be an Xbox One Slim, and the next is a beefier model with a better GPU – but don’t expect to see that ’til 2017. It’s allegedly being shown off at E3 this year as part of Microsoft’s ‘Project Helix’, which is the further integration of Xbox and Windows properties. It might come with Rift support too! You can check out my article about the leaked materials here, but take it with a pinch of salt – it’s not confirmed yet.

PS4’s Sales Remains Uncontested

PS4_SonyHaving now surpassed 40m sales, Sony are absolutely murdering the home console market competition. To put things in perspective, for every Wii U and Xbox One sold, roughly four PS4s have been sold as well. It’s 28m sales ahead of the Wii U’s 12m, and 30m ahead of the Xbox One’s approximated 10m.

They’ve also sold 270.9m games. Ball’s in your court, Microsoft & Nintendo.



This game seemed to come out of nowhere. It’s an over-the-shoulder online melee combat game – at least that’s what Devolver Digital calls it, because it’s definitely not a fighting game, right?

Terminology jokes aside, the game does actually look pretty interesting. Not an awful lot is known about it, but Sony were the first folks to publicise it when the marketing campaign launched, so we can expect Absolver to make an appearance at their E3 2016 conference this year.

Check out the trailer here!

Valve Lawsuit


As if their abysmal customer support wasn’t enough of a criminal offence, Valve are in trouble again following allegations of intern abuse and employee mistreatment.

Whilst not much is known about the situation, an anonymous transgender ex-employee is suing Valve for $3m based on workplace harassment, as well as using legally dubious loopholes to cut off her health benefits, paid overtime & employee bonuses. She also alleges that Valve used minors for translation work, promising a full-time position at the company thereafter, only to dismiss them right after.

Valve’s a bit of a weird company internally. There’s no hierarchical structure in the workplace. Employees are allowed to work on their own projects and pursuits at the company, though given that Valve haven’t actually released a game for nearly three years (and even that is very, very derivative of older titles), we’re not really sure what exactly these projects are supposed to be.

The lawsuit is in its infancy at the moment, so dates for judiciary hearings and court meetings are absent. We’ll keep you updated on the case as it evolves. If it’s true though… not cool, Valve.

Advancements in the Smash Bros Scene

Leffen - Smash Bros MeleeLots of stuff going on in the Smash Bros environment, with massive news coming in for MeleeSmash 4 and even Project M!

In competitive Melee news, cocky but lovable git Leffen defeated four of the five ‘Gods of Melee’ all in the same bracket at GOML 2016. That’s right – Mang0, Mew2King, Armada and Hungrybox all fell to Leffen, who is widely considered the ‘villain’ of the scene.

Smash 4 only has one ‘God’, but he too was overthrown once again during the Smash 4 singles at GOML. ZeRo’s Diddy Kong perished against a very close match with Ally’s Mario. In Winners’, ZeRo also lost 3-0 to Mew2King’s godlike Cloud game.

If you’ve always wanted to get into Project M, now’s the time. A homebrew breakthrough has led to a region-free version of the game, so now Europe and Asia can get in on the fun. Here’s a full list of requirements and a guide from start to finish!

No Man’s Sky Delayed


Hello Games’ highly-anticipated universe exploration game No Man’s Sky has apparently been delayed. The news leaked from a Gamestop internal announcement stating that the promotional content’s release dates were no longer accurate. Check out XO.TV’s article about it here!

That’s about it for the big stories this week. Be sure to stay tuned at XOTV for more news, features, reviews and video content!