Riot Games have announced that the North American LCS will be changed to a best-of-three format, while the European LCS will be changing to a best-of-two format.

These new format changes will more than double the amount of games played each week. In order to compensate, Riot Games will run two live-streams side-by-side each week. If you think that sounds complicated, then I’m inclined to agree.

North America’s best-of-three format will see teams playing two matches. If each team wins a match then they will play a third match to determine the winner.

The European best-of-two format might be a bit more confusing for gamers unfamilar with European football. This format see’s teams participating in two matches. If each team wins a game, then the match is classified as a draw. This system is supposed to build excitement for the various best-of-three matches which will occur at the end of the tournament.

How well each format will do, as well as the split-live streams, will be interesting to see. Riot says they will take feedback on the different formats throughout the season and they will make adjustments for next year’s LCS.

After the explosive MSI 2016 tournament, I can’t wait for the League of Legends Summer Split to starts!