SONG OF THE WEEK: Bloodborne – Hunter’s Dream


Song of the Week is a weekly feature where we show off the best of video game music. From the sweeping orchestra music of Nobuo Uematsu to the more somber tunes of Yoko Shimomura, prepare to have your ears delighted every week.

With Dark Souls III on the horizon (HINT: IT RELEASES TOMORROW!) I thought I’d feature something from From Software’s previous game, Bloodborne. 

The Hunter’s Dream is one of the rare environments where there is peace and tranquility in Bloodborne. Here the player can level up, repair broke items, upgrade weapons and buy various equipment. Whilst it’s a safe heaven free from the madness of Yharnam there is still plenty to fear.

Today’s piece of music, Hunter’s Dream, perfectly captures the calmness of that world whilst giving it a hint of mystery and malevolence.

I hope you enjoy!