Missed out on all of the Final Fantasy XV news from last night? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! I’m going to give you, dear reader, a chronological run down of all of the news revealed at the event. Don’t worry, you can thank me later.

It all begins with series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi taking the stage to talk about Final Fantasy and what the series means to him and how challenging it is to create Final Fantasy games. I’m not going to lie, I was surprised he was even there given Square Enix kicked him out of the company. Obviously Sakaguchi is a bigger man than I, and can take an apology. It seems as though Square Enix is attempting to “reintroduce” the Final Fantasy series after Final Fantasy XIII’s critical panning. This is just the beginning of the company pulling out all of the stops.

After Sakaguchi leaves the stage, we’re show a brand-spanking new trailer:

“Stand By Me”… yeah, that came from out of nowhere didn’t it? Did it hit you right in the feels? It sure hit the audience. In the beginning there were a few chuckles, granted, however by the end the audience were cheering at the song.

So, trailer ends. What happens next? Our handsome presenters “KindaFunny” introduce themselves and give the audience some funnies. I’m not gonna lie it felt slightly forced at first, and awkward, but they quickly hit their stride and got into the good stuff.

The audience is shown some beautiful artwork from Final Fantasy series vetern Amano.

We’re then shown a beautiful trailer where Square Enix brings the artwork to life:

This trailer isn’t on Square Enix’s Youtube channel for some reason… Anyway, after Amano is shown to be in the audience (and he’s applauded as well as Final Fantasy XV’s composer) Nabou Umetasu comes onto the screen to give his well wishes to Final Fantasy XV’s development team.

Nabou, like Sakaguchi, was once again talking about the “challenges” involved in creating a Final Fantasy game. KindaFunny take this opportunity to thank the developers who made the game. We’re then lead into a mini-documentary about the making of the “Stand By Me” cover by Florence & The Machine:

After that, and some messing around with a giant red button which will reveal the release date for Final Fantasy XV (which is all good fun), we’re taken to the next subject.

KindaFunny show off some new gameplay from Final Fantasy XV, such as Chocobo drifting, and go in-depth about magic.

Square Enix then showed off the world of Final Fantasy XV in a beautiful trailer:

I love the music!

KindaFunny then briefly talked about the game’s characters and their relationships with one another.

After showing the four main characters, they suddenly turned the characters in anime versions of themselves. BAM! Final Fantasy XV ANIME!

The anime is called Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood and is comprised of five episodes, all of which are avaliable for free. What’s that… the first episode of the anime is available to watch straight away?! Awesome. Check it out below:

After shocking EVERYONE in the audience with a Final Fantasy XV announcement, Square Enix continued to talk about the other characters in the game. More specifically King Regus and Luna.

THEN DOUBLE BAM! There’s a Final Fantasy XV feature length movie called Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive. You can watch a trailer below:

It has to be said that at this point everyone in the audience’s is in a state of shock and awe. “Square Enix are really bringing their A-game here!”, I thought. I was wrong. Square Enix were bringing their “A++” game. Then it was revealed that Square Enix are teaming up with car manufacturer Audi to create a car. Maybe Square are only bringing their “A+” game? Anyway,unfortunately Audi is only creating one of them. Cool though.

After some chatting with some ever-so-slightly cocky actors and actresses, one of which wouldn’t stop talking about crystal meth (yes, the drug), they revealed that voice-recording is still ongoing with one of the actors only starting to do voice recording on the day of the event. Looks like the film will be around six months off.

Once the actors had left the stage, get out of here actors… we need more gameplay, Square Enix introduced the new mini-game for Final Fantasy XV: Justice Monsters Five. Here’s the trailer:

Justice Monsters Five will also be available on iOS and Android. Given how addictive Square Enix’s mini-games were in other Final Fantasy games… Well, let’s just say, I think we’re in for something special.

After that, we’re introduced to Matt Kishmoto (I hope I spelt your last name right Matt!) who drops the bomb. NEW, FREE FINAL FANTASY XV DEMO, AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW. BOOM.

Platinum Demo, as it’s called, is a separate story with players playing as Noc and Carbuncle. The demo is not in the final game, it’s its own separate thing. Matt then goes to show some gameplay. It looks like it’s more of a technical showcase for Final Fantasy XV… but who cares, it’s free and it looks awesome. Also I LOVE that they didn’t make gamers pre-order the game to play the demo.

After a quick recap we enter the final stages of the press event.

This is when they announce the Collectors Edition and the Ultimate Collectors Edition. You can find out more info by clicking here.

Then Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata is invited to the stage to reveal Final Fantasy XV’s release date. After much craziness involving the red button, the release is finally revealed:

30th September 2016.

Who’d have thought it… it’s finally coming… Final Fantasy Versus XIII is finally being released. After making fourteen announcements, Hajime Tabata ends the press conference on the best note possible, a fifteenth announcement.

Which was… A NEW TRAILER. Two trailers in one day, eh! Who’s a lucky fellow?!

And thats it. That’s the end of Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV. You can read my first impressions here. Shortly after writing that I went to go and try to get some sleep. Unfortunately I was too excited and could barely sleep! Give Final Fantasy XV to me now… PLEASE!

I hope this chronological rundown is helpful for those who missed out on the event, and I hope it paints a good picture of the atmosphere. We’re going to be giving our thoughts on the Final Fantasy XV demo on Monday. Until then, I hope you all enjoy the various Final Fantasy XV related content and I wish you all a wonderful weekend.