The day is finally upon us!

Today, or early tomorrow morning if you’re a European like ourselves, is the day Square Enix will finally announce the release date for Final Fantasy XV.

We’ll be covering the event LIVE from 2:30am GMT on the 31th March! For folks in America that’s 6:30pm PDT on the 30th March! We’ll also be posting news from the event on this website and Twitter. So be sure to follow us and check back regularly!

Originally announced nearly ten years ago as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XV has been through numerous restructurings since it was first shown off. Ten years would be enough to kill any game, however fan’s desire to see the game’s eventual release is a testament to the excellence of the original Final Fantasy Versus XIII reveal trailer:

Originally created as an action-RPG to compliment the more traditional turn-based action of Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII was originally intended to be more violent and unchained than traditional entries in the series. This is seen in the trailer below which features broken arms, blood and stabbing:

Final Fantasy XV has come a long way then. The human troops from before are now robots (so that Final Fantasy XV can obtain a teen rating) and the blood and gore has been removed. What once was a PlayStation 3 game was refined into something significantly more impressive.

Final Fantasy XV has been transformed from this:

To this:

And we couldn’t be more excited.

Join us for the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event, and share in our excitement.