Square Enix is pulling out all of the stops it when it comes to promoting the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event which goes live later tonight.

In a United Kingdom Twitter advert, Square Enix has showed off video footage recorded earlier today of a giant advert for Final Fantasy XV at London Waterloo:

London Waterloo is one of the busiest station in England, with an estimated over 100 million “entries and exits” every year. According to Square Enix, the LED screen at Waterloo is the largest in Europe.

The advert encourages commuters to watch the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event later tonight. Of course, given that the Livestream starts at 3am England time (at which point most of Waterloo’s frequent commuters will be fast asleep), it does seem slightly pointless.

Having said that, it is important to note that it is the Easter School Holidays in England, where children take two weeks break before returning to school on 4th April. It could be that this advert is targeted at younger travelers. But then again… why not advertise it tomorrow when people could immediately google Final Fantasy XV and find out all of the news?

But what do I know? I’m just a video game journalist.  I must admit though, as someone who frequently uses Waterloo station, this is pretty cool.

Let’s hope Square Enix invests in this scale of advertising when the game eventually launches later this year.