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With Uncovered Final Fantasy XV a few hours away, here are our predictions for what Square Enix will reveal! As most of the important news (such a release date and demo date) has already been leaked, I thought I would share some of my more outlandish predictions for the event.

1) We’ll get information about some sort of multiplayer in Final Fantasy XV

In January last year there were rumblings that Square Enix were looking for a Network Programmer to work on Final Fantasy XV. Whether those network features were a fully-fledged multiplayer or something closer to a Dark Souls style experience remains to be seen. Of course the network programmer could just be implementing some sort of Square Enix account connection or even… MICRO-TRANSACTIONS. Hehehe. I’m just joking.

Either way, we’ll find out if Final Fantasy XV has any multiplayer at this event!

2) Each copy of Final Fantasy XV will come with a demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake, and we’ll see some new Final Fantasy VII Remake footage

A couple of days we reported that there would be some sort of Final Fantasy VII information at the event. I’m pretty confident in our source and I would be surprised if we didn’t see a trailer. I’m also relatively sure that we’ll see a Final Fantasy VII Remake demo packaged with Final Fantasy XV.

The idea here is that Square Enix pushes their consumers from one game to another to help retain momentum. The only game this might not be the case for is Kingdom Hearts 3, and that’s because Square Enix have the mass-market pull of the Disney brand.

Noctis and crew in Final Fantasy XV
Noctis and crew in Final Fantasy XV

3) A PC version of Final Fantasy XV will release within a month of Final Fantasy XV’s launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

In a recent Active Time Report (Square Enix’s way of keeping fans up-to-date with Final Fantasy XV news) Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV, said that he would like to make a PC version of the game but that he wishes to release the console version of Final Fantasy XV before tackling a PC version.

Given the success of Final Fantasy games on the Steam/PC platform, it’s not a question of whether or not Final Fantasy XV will come to Steam but when.

Square Enix will announce release details for the Steam version of Final Fantasy XV alongside release details for the console versions of the game. I think Square Enix will either release the game day and date on PC, or they’ll launch it within the game’s launch month.

A final, third, possibility is that Square Enix will launch the game three – six months after it’s console launch and the game will launch with new DLC for the console version. This way they can use the hype from the PC version to push additional paid DLC for the console version.

4) Final Fantasy IX will release on Steam after the press conference

Square Enix hasn’t released Final Fantasy IX on Steam. Why not release it or announce a release date for Final Fantasy IX Steam’s release when you’ve got a thousand eager eyeballs on you? Boom, instant sales.

5) There will be some sort of tie-in with Final Fantasy XIV featuring Noctis

Final Fantasy XIV cross-over with Lightning Returns
Final Fantasy XIV cross-over with Lightning Returns

This one is actually one of the safest bets on the list. Final Fantasy XIV has been doing tie-ins with numerous games… even games which don’t belong to Square Enix (like Phantasy Star Online 2). Heck, Final Fantasy XIV even did a tie-in with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII!

The question is how they’ll hand the tie-in.

Their tie-in for Lightning Returns had Lightning come from another world to help battle minions, with players earning a Lightning costume. I think we could see something similar with Final Fantasy XV with Noctis and crew. Perhaps even a dungeon which could have strong story elements tied into it?

I suspect such a tie-in would be announced either at the event or shortly after during the post-show.

There we have it! Those are some of my more outlandish predictions for Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV! Will any of them come true? Only one way to find out… watch the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event with me!!! I’ll be live blogging the whole thing, so be sure to tune in at 7pm PST or 3am GMT!

I’ll see you then!